7th & 8th August 2019 - Te Ruapekapeka Planting

Big thanks to the boys from Victory House for their hard mahi over two days, planting at Te Ruapekapeka. What a fantastic result - ka pai.

6th August 2019 - Te Ruapekapeka Planting

Special thanks to Northland Regional Council, Living Waters and Fonterra for joining the Te Ruapekpeka planting. By the end of the season we are hoping to of planted 20,000 native trees.

26th July 2019 - Waiarohia Stream Planting

Special thanks to the fantastic students at Whangarei Intermediate School and the staff at Northland Regional Council that put in some hard mahi on Friday morning to plant 1200 native trees along the Waiarohia stream on Rust Avenue, Whangarei.

25th & 26th July - Tikipunga Infill planting days

Special thanks to Whitebait Connection, Sustainable Coastlines, Totara Grove School, Tikipunga High School & Refining NZ for their great effort planting 800 native trees. What a team effort - ka pai.

14th July 2019 - Denby Reserve Otangarei

A great effort by all on Sunday morning for this planting in partnership with For Our Real Clean Environment. Trees planted and around 500kg of litter picked up afterwards - just in time before the weather turned. Special thanks to all who mucked in.

7th July 2019 - AH Reed Planting Day 3

What a fantastic result at AH Reed Memorial Reserve with a huge 3000 native trees planted over the last month. Special thanks for Forest and Bird and the amazing volunteers who came each weekend to plant.

7th July 2019 - Sandy Bay Planting Day

Special thanks to the North Coast Board Riders in Sandy Bay that planted 90 native trees on Sunday.


6th June 2019 - Pupe Kopipi Planting Day

Special thanks to the Ngunguru community that planted Pupe Kopipi on Saturday afternoon, What a beautiful spot!

29th June 2019 - Reinga Road Reserve

A great planting day on Saturday from the Reinga Reserve volunteers and Cadets - another 863 native trees in the ground - ka pai. Thanks to all of you that attended.

23rd June 2019 - AH Reed Reserve Planting Day Two

Special thanks for the team that turned up on Sunday to carry on planting AH Reed Reserve. What beautiful weather and a great effort by all.

19th June 2019 - Tanner Place NZME Planting

Special thanks to the NZME team that joined Forward and Whitebait Connection to finish off the Tanner Place Planting. In just 3 hours the team planted a massive 680 trees! Great job!

16th June 2019 - Pukenui Forest Planting

This first of two planting days at Pukenui Forest - thank you to those that came along and got stuck in, you did a great job!

16th June 2019 - AH Reed Reserve Planting with Forest & Bird

The first of three planting days at Forest & Bird. The team did a great job getting over a thousand in the ground! Special thanks to you all.

11th June 2019 - Tikipunga Stream planting day with Manaia View School & Whitebait Connection.

A very special thank you to the fabulous students at Manaia View School who helped plant 200 native trees along the Tiki stream. They did a fantastic job!

9th June 2019 - Springs Flat, Whangarei

Thanks to all that attended the planting at Springs Flat. What a fantastic effort and another thousand native trees in the ground - ka pai.

9th June 2019 - Peacock Garden Reserve, Kerikeri, Planting

Special thanks to the Peacock Reserve group led by BOI Walkway Trust that planted 112 native trees in their beautiful reserve.

9th June 2019 - Wairoa Stream, Kerikeri, Planting

A beautiful day planting nearly a thousand trees in Kerikeri on Sunday. Special thanks to Rod and the Vision Kerikeri team for all your hard mahi; and Cliff for the wonderful photos. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

8th June 2019 - Otuihau Whangarei Falls Planting

We had an amazing day planting 1300 natives trees at the Falls. A special thank you to Her Worship the Mayor - Sheryl Mai, Mike Kake, the RSA, the Cadets and Victory House. A great efffort by all.

2nd June 2019 - Whangaruru North Head Scenic Reserve Planting

Big thanks to the Blue Orb team who planted 1200 native trees on Sunday. A massive 55 volunteers turned up - you all did an amazing job!

2nd June 2019 - Akerama Marae, Ngati Hau Planting

A huge thank you to the Ngati Hau hapu for planting 1000 native trees on Sunday at Akerama Marae. We had a fantastic morning together and were all very pleased that the rain held off!

1st June 2019 - Koropupu Sports Park, Kamo

A huge thank you to the Central Brown Soccer Club and Victory House volunteers who braved the crazy weather on Saturday and planted 680 native trees. Everyone did a fantastic job!